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Civil Engineering Department was established in the year 1967 along with the inception of the institute. The department has been conducting Short Term Courses for teachers of Polytechnics in Northern Region under staff development program for several years. M.E in Civil Engineering (Construction Technology and Management) in Regular Mode was started in the year 1994 with participation of faculty from all over the country. Many of them are holding key positions both within and outside the country. Over the years the department has grown and at present is equipped with full fledged laboratories to provide state of art training to graduates and post graduates of technical institutes and also cater to the demands of industry. The department is also offering Ph.D program in Civil Engineering in Collaboration with Panjab University and Panjab Technical University, Jalandhar.

Department has also produced large number of instructional materials both print and non-print, like videos, e-learning modules, readers, software in various technical areas of Civil Engineering for the benefit of teachers, students and field professionals. Civil Engineering Materials, Building Maintenance, Laboratory Manuals in Concrete Technology and Highway Engineering are some of the books and Manuals which have been published through renowned publishers and has been widely acclaimed by field engineers and technical teachers. The department also conducts training programs in the upcoming areas of Civil Engineering and other relevant technical areas. Department is having a team of experienced faculty and backup of supporting staff who are actively engaged in offering research based consultancy and testing to various state and central government organizations. On an average about Rs. 1.00 Crore is being generated through Internal Resource Generation (IRG) annually.

The department has following laboratories which are well equipped with the state of the art equipment.

  • Concrete Technology
  • Soil Engineering
  • Materials Testing and Non-Destructive Testing
  • Highway Engineering
  • Public Health & Environmental Engineering
  • Hydraulics
  • Computer Application
  • Survey Lab

The department has produced a number of learning resources including text books, laboratory manuals, guide documents on laboratory development, data books, charts, readers, continuing education modules and educational video films in various civil engineering subjects.


To be a leader in academics and research in civil engineering with emphasis on value-based state of art technical knowledge, innovation, sustainability and entrepreneurial skills


  • Offer training programs and competency building in teaching learning in the field of Civil Engineering in flexible mode.
  • Develop and implement demand driven curricula to produce socially responsible, creative and innovative manpower in Civil Engineering.
  • Develop instructional material in the field of Civil Engineering to enhance effectiveness of teaching-learning process.
  • Undertake research and development in civil engineering for sustainable development.
  • Provide extension and consultancy services to industry and public and private sector organizations in the field of Civil Engineering and build strong linkages with industry and other organizations at National and International level for capacity building and technological innovations.


Departmental Information & Progress Report
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Progress Report (Oct-Dec 2021)
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Department offers following programmes duly approved by AICTE and having affiliation with Panjab University, Chandigarh.

  • Ph.D. Programme
  • M.E. in Civil Engg. (Construction Technology and Management) (Regular/Modular mode)

Ph.D Programme

The Ph.D programmes are designed to prepare working engineers and technical teachers from R&D establishments, Corporate Sectors and technical/educational institutes to enhance their competencies, besides enhancing knowledge, innovating and creation of new knowledge and techniques. They are provided with an opportunity to conduct research independently in emerging areas , thereby enabling them to make new challenges as innovators. Till date ten PhD students have been awarded degree, while few others are pursuing their research work.

ME Programme

The department has been very successful in offering Master of Engineering Course in Civil Engineering (Construction Technology and Management Regular Progarmme) since 1994 . The number of students on its rolls have gradually increased over the years and currently more than 50 students are enrolled. The department is also conducting M.E (Modular) Programme with an annual intake of nearly 40 students.


PEO1 Graduates of the program will have in-depth knowledge to apply appropriate research methodologies, use modern Engineering tools and provide technically sound, economical and sustainable solutions in the area of Construction Technology & Management

Graduates will have ability for higher studies and undertake high value research on construction & Management and other related issues

PEO3 Graduate of program will have sound analytical and lateral thinking ability to engage in lifelong learning for professional advancement to cope up with multidisciplinary and changing technologies in Construction & Management
PEO4 Graduates of the program will have sense of social responsibility, will demonstrate ability to communicate and work effectively as a team member in an ethical way, will play leadership roles in their profession, public services and community

Programme Outcomes

         PO-1  An ability to independently carry out research /investigation and development work to solve practical problems and apply analytical tools in Civil Engineering.

         PO-2  An ability to write and present a substantial technical report/document/proposal.

         PO-3  Students should be able to demonstrate a degree of mastery in Construction Technology & Management for various Civil Engineering Projects.

         PO-4  Should here necessary knowledge and skills in project management.

         PO-5  Apply the knowledge of Modern Construction Practices and Techniques for developing problem solving attitude for construction of Civil Engineering Projects incorporating Sustainable practices.


Conferences, Workshops and Short Term Courses - Broad Topics

  • Cleaner Production Technologies
  • Monitoring, Repair and Rehabilitation of Structures
  • Software Applications in Civil Engineering
  • Ecology, Environmental Awareness and Management
  • Application of water proofing material and techniques
  • Earthquake retrofitting solution and strengthening for structures
  • Advanced Surveying instruments including Total Station
  • Application of Remote Sensing, Digital Mapping and GPS in Civil Engineering
  • Advances in Cement and Concrete including Mix Design
  • Modern Building Materials and Construction Practice
  • Transportation, Planning, Design and Management in Urban Area
  • Soil Investigation techniques
  • Disaster Management
  • Project planning and Management
  • Laboratory practices in Civil Engineering
  • Pavement Evaluation & Design : Construction & Maintenance of Highways

Instructional Material Development

  • Print Material -Text Books, Manuals, Modules, Readers
  • Non Print Material – Video Films, Technical Software, PPT Slides

Consultancy and Research based Projects (Main Areas)

  • Concrete Mix Design
  • Design of Highway & Airfield Pavements
  • Non Destructive Testing
  • Design of Bituminous Mixes, Quality control in highways
  • Testing of Civil Engineering Materials
  • Soil Investigations and bearing capacity determination
  • Water & Waste Water Analysis
  • Environmental Studies
  • Repair & Rehabilitation of structures
  • Concrete Technology Laboratory
  • In addition to conventional equipments, the laboratory is having sophisticated instruments like Automatic Compression Testing Machine -3000 kN(ACTM) Electronic Universal Testing Machine(600 kN), Concrete Permeability test Apparatus, Carbonation Test Chamber, Water impermeability tester, Abrasion Resistance of concrete and electrically operated vibrators and sieve shakers. The laboratory is well equipped with all the equipments required for designing and testing of standard concrete, high strength grade of concrete and self compacting concrete.

  • Soil Engineering Laboratory
  • The lab is equipped with automated instruments like Fully Automatic Triaxial Testing System, Automatic Consolidation Test Apparatus, Automatic Compactor for Soils, Nail Shear Strength Test, Electrically operated direct shear apparatus and a large number of other equipments for determining the shear strength and related parameters of soil. Field testing equipment like Standard Penetration Test (SPT) apparatus, grouting machine, core drill equipments are also available for conducting site investigation and bearing capacity determination.

  • Highway Engineering Laboratory
  • The laboratory has equipments like Marshall Stability Apparatus for designing and testing of various bituminous mixes. Field testing equipments like Benkelman Beam Apparatus, Dynamic Cone Pentrometer, and Non Nuclear Density Guage are also available for rapid in-situ evaluation and testing of roads and runway pavements. Automatic Loading apparatus for evaluating the strength of soil subgrade and Bending Beam Rheometer for determining the properties of bitumen at sub zero temperature is also available.

  • Environmental Engineering Laboratory
  • The laboratory is equipped with microprocessor and PC based equipments, BOD incubator and COD digestors for Water and Waste water analysis. Facilities for testing air pollution and noise pollution is also available in this laboratory.
  • Non Destructive/Material Testing Laboratory
  • It has all the facilities for conducting insitu tests like UPV, Rebound Hammer, Carbonation, Reinforcement Diameter, Cover etc. for checking the concrete quality and integrity of structures. In addition chemical tests such as carbonation, chloride and sulphate ingress are also being tested.
  • Computer Application Laboratory
  • The Computer Application Laboratory has various software packages like STAAD Pro Connect Edition, ETABS, Abaqus, Bentley MX Road, MIDAS Soilworks, Primavera Project Planner, MapInfo Professional Software and ArcGIS for design, analysis, project planning and mapping resources.
  • Surveying Laboratory
  • The laboratory has equipments like Robotic Total Station, Autolevel, Microscopic Theodelite and the minor surveying equipments.

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