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Since the inception of the Institute, the Department is actively involved in the conduct of long term and short term teacher training programmes in the areas of educational technology, pedagogy and management for facilitating effective teachinglearning process. In addition, the Department also undertakes activities related to Instructional Material Development, R&D and Extension Services and Consultancy. The Department has a Computer Laboratory which is equipped with computer systems with internet connectivity. The department at present has four faculty members in position.


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The major activities of the department are to:
  • Offer Master’s Degree Programme in Engineering Education (M.Tech. in Engineering Education) both on regular and modular mode.
  • Design and conduct of Induction Training Programme for Newly Recruited faculty of technical institutions
  • Design and conduct need-based Short Term Training Programmes for faculty of technical institutions (Engineering Colleges, Polytechnics, Management Institutes, Pharmacy Colleges etc.).
  • Design and conduct need-based Short Term Training Programmes in the areas of Management for working personnel from industry and other organizations.
  • Design and conduct need-based Short Term Training Programmes for the staff of technical institutions (Engineering Colleges, Polytechnics, Management Institutes, Pharmacy institutions etc) , Directorates and Boards of Technical Education
  • Provide Educational Testing and Evaluation Services to technical institutions and other organizations.
  • Undertake Research and Development in Technical Education.
  • Develop Print and Non-Print Instructional Material.
  • Offer Extension Services to the Technical Education System and Industries.
  • Undertake Consultancy projects related to Technical Education.

The details of major activities are as follows:

1. Education and Training Programmes

(a) Long Term Training Programmes

M.Tech. Engineering Education ( Modular and Regular):
Total number of sanctioned seats in M.Tech. Engineering Education Modular programme are 40 and 28 in Regular M.Tech. Engineering Education programme. This programme is recognized by AICTE and affiliated to Panjab University, Chandigarh. Only sponsored Polytechnic/Engineering College regular teachers, officials of Directorates, Boards of Technical Education, Universities and official/staff of NITTTRs and working professional from Industry and other organizations can join this programme.

(b) Short Term Training Programmes

The department offers need-based and customised short term training courses of one to two weeks duration in the areas such as:

  1. Induction Training Programme for Newly Recruited Teachers
  2. Student Evaluation and Setting Question papers
  3. Instructional Planning and Delivery
  4. Reforms in Question Papers
  5. Research Methodology
  6. Effective Teaching
  7. Preparaing students for Job Interviews
  8. Team Building, Motivation and Creativity
  9. Building Positive attitudes
  10. Institutional Management
  11. Stress and Time Management
  12. Personality Development for Staff
  13. Management Development Programmes
  14. Modern Office Management for Ministerial Staff
  15. Institutional Evaluation
  16. Competencies for 21st Century
  17. Emotional intelligence at workplace
  18. Development of Soft Skills

2. Curriculum Development

The department has developed and revised curricula for various courses being offered in M.Tech. Engineering Education programme. In addition, curricula for need based training programmes and other thrust areas are also developed.

3. Instructional Material Development (Print and Non-print)

The department produces a variety of print instructional materials like readers, modules and non-print materials like video films, computer assisted instructional (CAI) packages etc. In addition, course contents for need-based and customised short term training programmes are developed.

4. Research and Development

The department undertakes a number of research and development projects in Educational Technology and Educational Management areas for generating new knowledge and to develop new methods and strategies for solving problems of the technical education system and industry. In addition, the department also undertakes research in technical education system as a part of the M.Tech. Engineering Education being offered by the department. Broad areas of research are:

  1. Teaching, Learning and Evaluation
  2. Design of Organizational Structure of State Boards of Technical Education and Directorate of Technical Education
  3. Case Studies of Educational Institutions and Organizations
  4. Autonomy to educational Institutions
  5. Effectiveness and Evaluation Studies

5. Extension Services and Consultancy

The department offers extension services to the user system to implant and implement innovations in the institutions. The department offers consultancy services in the areas of educational management, training, sponsored research & development projects and technical services for design, Testing etc. to national, state level organisations, technical education system and industry.

Computer Laboratory:

The computer laboratory of the Department is equipped with:

  • 16 Computer Systems with internet facility for students of M.Tech. Engineering Education Programme                                                          
  • LCD Projector, Overhead Projector
  • SPSS Software for data analysis
  • Psychological Tests for carrying out R&D Studies.

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