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Research and Development
  1. About R&D Activities
  2. TEQIP Projects
  3. Sponsored Projects
  4. Consultancy Projects

Research and development activities in technology and technical education forms an important aspect of the institute’s programmes. The following research studies were completed during 2011-2012:

  1. Employment Opportunities, Competency Profile of Diploma Holders in Computer Engineering
  2. Employment Opportunities, Competency Profile of Diploma Holders in Information Technology
  3. Deterioration of Heritage Building in Chandigarh-A Case Study of Museum Building
  4. Assessment of Deterioration and Remedial Measures for a Milk Plant at Gurgaon
  5. Repair and Rehabilitation of Fire Damaged Building of Punjab National Bank at Chandigarh
  6. Inclusive Technical and Vocational Education for the Differently Abled Persons in India- Current Status, Issues and Challenges
  7. Problems Faced by the Children with Learning Disabilities and Current Intervention Processes
  8. Problems of Deaf Persons and Their Families
  9. Mapping of Entrepreneurial and Employment Opportunities in Identified Skill Development Sectors of the Indian Economy
  10. A Comparative Study of Effectiveness of Government versus Private Polytechnics in the State of Rajasthan

The following development projects have been undertaken at the institute:

  1. Bio-energy Technology and Business Solutions for UK and India
  2. Eco-water Literacy and Sanitation Campaign sponsored by DST, Government of India
  3. Video Conferencing Facilities at the institute

In addition to above, 06 Ph.D. thesis and 104 M.E. thesis were submitted under the guidance of faculty of this institute.

The institute publishes a ‘Journal of Engineering and Technology Education’ which is referred by teachers and students of technical education and research. This helps the faculty and students of technical institutions from across the country to publish their views and research work in Engineering and Technology and Technical Education. The journal (published twice in a year, i.e. January-June and July-December) provides an interdisciplinary forum to teachers, students, officials/administrators of technical education system and working professionals in industries to discuss and debate theories and applications of educational, technical and training technologies in all sectors and levels of technical education.

  1. Project Title: Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme (TEQIP-II)

    • Project Coordinator Dr B.S.Pabla
    • Project Co-co ordinator Dr S S Dhami
    • Sponsor: : MHRd, Government of India
    • Amount: 10 Crores
    • Brief about the project:Strengthening Institutions to Improve Learning Outcomes and Employability of Graduates.
    • Status of the Project: On-going

    • Principal Investigator(s): Dr. C. Rama Krishna & Dr. Lini Mathew
    • Sponsor: : Department of Science and Technology and Renewable Energy, Chandigarh Administration
    • Amount: Rs.2 lacs
    • Brief about the project:The objective of this project is to provide continuous movement for ambulances in emergency situations
    • Status of the Project: Granted

  2. Project Title: Making Building & Websites Accessible to persons with disabilities

    • Principal Investigator(s): Dr. Maitreyee Dutta & Dr.Sanjay Sharma
    • Sponsor: : Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Govt. of India
    • Amount: Rs. 79 lacs
    • Brief about the project:The objective of this project is to carry out various accessibility related works under SIPDA (scheme for implementation of Persons with Disabilities ACT). Under the project the institute will provide barrier free environment in all the buildings of the institute    like   lifts for vertical conveyance, renovation of toilets, construction of Ramps etc.  There will be various accessibly features in the institute website which will help the PWDs to access institute website. Institute will also set up a resource centre for the PWDs with various software applicable to them.
    • Status of the Project: On-going (likely to be completed by Mar 2017)

  3. Project Title: Establishment of cyber security and Forensic Training Facility for Technical Teachers Training

    • Principal Investigator(s): Dr. Maitreyee Dutta & Dr.C. Ramakrishna
    • Sponsor: : Department of Information Technology, Govt. of India
    • Amount: Rs.45.65 lacs
    • Brief about the project:The objective of this project is to establish cyber and Forensic Training Facility to provide hands-on training on cyber security and forensic tools to faculty/ technical staff/Industry professional/others.
    • Status of the Project: Completed on 31.03.2016

  4. Project Title: Cutting Tool life enhancement using nano composite coatings.

    • Investigator(s): Dr B.S.Pabla
    • Sponsor: All India Council for Technical Education
    • Amount: 14 Lakhs
    • Brief about the project: To enhance the mechanical properties of cutting tool by electro-co-deposition technique for improved tool life and improved parameter of manufactured components.
    • Status of the Project: On-going

  5. Project Title: Eco Water Literacy & Sanitation Campaign

    • Principal Investigator: Dr. U.N.Roy
    • Co- Principal Investigator: -
    • Sponsor: : Department of Science and Technology (DST), GoI
    • Amount: Rs. 15.32 Lakhs
    • Brief about the project:The research project entitled on “Eco-water Literacy and Sanitation Campaign” aimed to extend and create awareness among rural masses about the appropriate technologies developed in the field of water and sanitation. The main aim is to create mass awareness through village camps and training of the rural people on technologies like low cost toilets, waste water disposal system, bio-gas plants, waste recycling, water treatment, renovation of ponds, composting, rainwater harvesting and other relevant technologies. The project has been launched with the help of two-three polytechnics of UP state in two districts namely Meerut and Rae Bareilly of Uttar Pradesh. About 450 persons have been trained and about 150 persons got benefited directly from installation of appropriate technologies like waste water disposal system, vermiculture, and smokeless chullahs. More than 1500 persons joined the 8 awareness camps organised in last three years.
    • Status of the Project: Two phases of the project are completed. The last phase is in progress.

  6. Project Title:Bio-energy Technology and Business Solution for UK and INDIA.

    • Principal Investigator: Dr. P.K.Sen and Dr Padma Vasudevan (IIT, Delhi)
    • Co- Principal Investigator: Dr. J.S.Saini, Dr. U.N.Roy and Dr B S Pabla
    • Sponsor: : IIT, Delhi
    • Amount: Rs. 21.25 Lakhs
    • Brief about the project:TIt was a collaborative project between India and UK government, jointly initiated by IIT Delhi and Aston University, Birmingham, UK. The main aim of the projects was to develop working models of the technologies in the field of waste water treatment, multi-effect distillation to treat contaminated and brackish water, waste recycling and bio-gas generation, solar energy based technologies like boiler and distillation plants and their various applications from the point of view of promoting rural entrepreneurship and rural industrialisation. NITTTR Chandigarh was the project partner and it worked mainly in the field of waste water recycling by phyto-remediation, dirty pond water treatment through raft cum phyto-remediation technology, bio-gas plants, vermiculture and organic farming.
    • Status of the Project: Completed in September 2013 (likely to be extended further).
  1. Project Title: Consultancy Through Recruitment Projects

  2. Project Title: Curriculum Design of Diploma Courses for Punjab State

    • Client : Punjab State Board of Technical Education, Chandigarh
    • Consultant(s): Prof. PK Singla / Prof. SK Gupta
    • Amount: 4.5 Lakhs
    • Brief about the project: The curriculum for following diploma courses will be developed:
      i) Diploma Programme in Aeronautical Engineering
      ii) Diploma Programme in Tools and Die Making
      iii) Diploma Programme in Food Technology
    • Status of the Project: On-going

  3. Project Title: Quality Control of Road Works

    • Client : MC Chandigarh, Chandigarh Administration, MC Panchkula, PSIEC, GMADA, HUDA
    • Consultant(s): Ajay Kr. Duggal
    • Amount: Rs. 50,000 PM (Average)
    • Brief about the project: T20 Visit site and check quality of road works (various layers) executed
    • Status of the Project: Many Completed. It is a regular activity

  4. Project Title: Evaluation & Design of Roads

    • Client : Haryana PWD, HPPWD, MC Chandigarh, HUDA, MES, GMADA, MC Mohali, PWD Rajasthan, NHAI, A.A.I, NTPC, 3 BRD (Army) etc.
    • Consultant(s): Ajay Kr. Duggal
    • Amount: Rs. 30,000 PM (approximately)
    • Brief about the project: To carryout necessary field investigations and provide design of road crust / overlay
    • Status of the Project: Ongoing activity regular basis

  5. Project Title: Bituminous Mix Design

    • Client : MC Chandigarh, Chandigarh Administration, MC Panchkula, PSIEC, GMADA, HUDA
    • Consultant(s): Ajay Kr. Duggal
    • Amount: Rs. 70,000 PM (average)
    • Brief about the project: To provide proportioning of various materials e.g. aggregate and bitumen for different types of road layers for optimum performance.
    • Status of the Project: Ongoing activity regular basis