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NITTTR Chandigarh has received certificate of participation in "UNESCO-Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Prize for Outstanding Practice and Performance in Enhancing the Effectiveness of Teachers" for Distinguished Academic Performance during year 2013-2014 View Award

Communication Directory

Sr. No. Name Position E-mail Phone Mobile Number
1. Sh. Jagdish Rai Singal Chairman, Board of Governors      
2. Dr. S.S. Pattnaik Director 2792369  
3. Dr. J.S. Saini Professor & Head, Entrepreneurship Development and Industrial Coordination,
Incharge, NSQF & Persons with Disability (PWD) 2759578(O), 2759639(R)  
5. Dr. B.S. Pabla Professor & Dean (ES&C),
Appellate Authority under RTI Act 2759525(O)  
6. Dr. S.K. Dhameja Professor & Dean (Academic & Internatioanl Affairs)
Head, Academic Cell 2759612(O) 9876113712
7. Prof. S.S. Banwait Professor & Dean (R&D),
Chief Vigilance Officer 2759552(O) 9501588455

8. Dr. S.S. Dhami Professor & Head, Mechanical Engineering 2759659(O)


9. Dr. A. B. Gupta Professor & Head, Curriculum Development Centre,
Liasion Officer, SC/ST Cell 2759541(O), 2759624(R)  
10. Dr. Sanjay Sharma Professor & Head, Civil Engineering 2759514(O), 2759524(R)
11. Dr. Sunil Dutt Professor & Head, Education and Educational Management, CPIO 2759594(O), 2726121(R)  
12. Dr. B.C. Choudhary Professor & Head, Applied Sciences 2759556(O), 2759618(R) 9417521382
13. Dr. R.K. Wats Professor & Head, Media Center 2759531(O), 2573058(R)  
14. Dr. Maitreyee Dutta Professor & Head, Educational Televison Center and IMCO 2759693(O), 2759518(R)  
15. Dr. Upendra Nath Roy Professor & Head, Rural Development 2759539(O), 2759669(R)

16. Dr. C. Rama Krishna Professor & Head, Computer Science & Engineering 2759670(O), 2759672(R)  
17. Dr. (Mrs.) Lini Mathew Associate Professor & Faculty Incharge, Electrical Engineering 2759686(O)
18. Dr. Rajesh Mehra Associate Professor & Faculty Incharge, Electronics & Comm. Engineering 2759534(O)
19. Er. P.K. Singla Associate Professor, Curriculum Development Centre and
Faculty Incharge, Administration 2759567, 2759502(O)  
20. Sh. Manmohan Singh Chief Librarian, Central Library 2759586(O), 2759623(R)  
21. Er. S.K. Gupta Hostel Warden (Male) 2759653(O), 2759667(R)  
22. Sh. K.C. Lachwani 2759771(O), 2759793(R)  
23. Mrs. Shimmi S.L. Hostel Warden (Female) 2759736(O), 2759789(R)  
24. Mrs. Kanika Sharma 2759629(O)  
25. Sh. Rakesh Goel Estate Officer 2759602(O), 2759532(R)