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Communication Directory (as on 04/05/2022)

Sr. No. Name Position E-mail Phone Mobile Number
1. Chairman Board of Governors - - -
2. Dr. S.S. Pattnaik Director 2792369 9872879362
3. Dr. A. B. Gupta Professor & Head, CDC Department,
Dean (Industrial Coord., Consultancy & Extension Services),
Liaison Officer SC/ST Cell 2759541(O), 2759624(R) 9478624243
4. Prof. S.S. Dhami Professor, Mechanical Engineering,
Associate Dean,
Chief Vigilance Officer 2759659(O) 9815716891

5. Dr. Rupinder Singh Professor & Head, Mechanical Engineering 2759780(O)


6. Dr. Hemant Sood Professor & Head, Civil Engineering 2759565(O) 9815811662
7. Dr. Sunil Dutt Professor, EMGT and CPIO 2759594(O), 2726121(R) 9815906121
8. Dr. U.N. Roy Professor & Head Education and Educational Management 2759539(O), 2759669(R) 9417581530
9. Dr. Pankaj Sharma Professor & Head, Applied Sciences 2759751(O), 2759628(R) 9816852533
10. Dr. R.K. Wats Professor & Head, Media Engineering

2759531(O), 2573058(R) 9815692200
11. Dr. Maitreyee Dutta Professor & Head, Information Management & Emerging Engineering (IMEE) Department and Dean (A,R&D) 2759693(O), 2759518(R) 9815612274
12. Dr. Poonam Syal Professor & Head, Rural Development 2759568(O) 7696493261
13. Dr. C. Rama Krishna Professor & Head, Computer Science & Engineering Department (CSE) 2759670(O), 2759672(R) 9417494811
14. Dr. (Mrs.) Lini Mathew Professor & Head, Electrical Engineering 2759686(O) 8968262925
15. Dr. Rajesh Mehra Professor, CDC Department,
Associate Dean, Student Affairs and Administration 2759534(O) 9888292255
16. Dr. Sandeep Singh Gill Professor & Head, ECE Department & Prof. IMEE Department 2759648(O) 9814801718
17. Dr. Niraj Bala Professor & Head, EDIC 2759577(O)
18. Er. P.K. Singla Associate Professor, Curriculum Development Centre and
Faculty Incharge, Administration 2759567, 2759502(O) 9872023302
19. Dr. Balwinder Singh Dhaliwal Hostel Warden (Male) 2759653(O), 2759796(R) 9814834209
20. Dr. Harsh Vardhan Samalia 2759673(O), 2759768(R) 8794946575
21. Dr. Meenakshi Sood Hostel Warden (Female) 2759578(O), 2759789(R) 9418216200
22. Mrs. Shano Solanki 2759696(O), 2759724(R) 9872920296
23. Dr. Hemant Kumar Vinayak Associate Professor, Rural Development and
Faculty Incharge, Estate 2759799(O), 2759678(R)
24. Wg Cdr Dinesh Singh Malik (Veteran) Senior Administrative Officer 2759503(O), 2759757(R) 7726977078