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About DSIR

The Department of Scientific & Industrial Research (DSIR), Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India is involved in promoting industrial research and fostering an enabling innovation environment. It has a number of activities relating to indigenous technology promotion, development, ultilization and transfer.
Enabling India to emerge as global industrial research and innovation hub.

  • Invigorating industiral research in the country trough industry and institution centric motivational measuresand Incentives.
  • Creating an enabling environment for development and utilization of new innovations.
  • Enhance innovations through its resources and channelize benefits there of to the people.
A2K+ events:
The Access to Knowledge for Technology Development and Dissemination (A2K+)- Events programe of DSIR provides a platform for exchange of views among industry, consultancy organizations, academic and research institutions that would lead to useful insights on issues relating to industrial research and technological innovation and help in evolving tools and techniques to remain competitive in today's business climate.
The obejective of A2K+ Events program is to support the organization of workshops, interactions, training programmes, exhibitons and other events for indentificationof collaborative projects between academia, institutions and industry participating in the events. For details, visit DSIR Website at
In line with above, this Conference is being financially supported by DSIR.


National Conference