Mechanical Engineering Department


The department conducts different programmes with the following objectives :

  1. To enhance professional and career development of the target group and thus improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the technical education system and the industry.
  2. To develop necessary capabilities of self regulated learning, problem solving, management skills and human relations in the target group.
Short Term Training Programmes

The department conducts one / two week(s) short term training programmes for the benefit of technical teachers and professional engineers. There is no course fee for the teachers of polytechnics and engineering colleges. A nominal fee of Rs 2000/- per week is charged from the participants from the industry. The schedule of short term training programmes is available on the institute web site under the link OPLAN.

Post Graduate Programmes

The department offers Master of Engineering (ME) in Manufacturing Technology in regular and modular forms. Details of the programme are available on the institute web site under the link M.E. Program. For ME degree the institute is affiliated with Panjab University, Chandigarh. The programme is offered primarily for teachers of technical institutions, officials of technical education system and working professionals from industry, duly sponsored by their competent authority.

M.E. in Manufacturing Technology (Regular)

The Regular programme is of two year duration, divided into four semesters. Ten courses are offered in the first two semesters and two courses in the third semester along with a preliminary thesis in a selected research area. The fourth semester is dedicated to thesis work in a relevant area as identified in the preliminary thesis.

M.E. in Manufacturing Technology (Modular)

For the benefit of technical teachers, who are unable to get 2 years leave for pursuing M.E., the department offers a modular programme. Two module of six week each are planned during a year, coinciding with summer & winter holidays. The modular program covers two courses each module over three years and the seventh module is dedicated to thesis. work

Special Features of the MODULAR Programme
  • Programme is flexible and is offered on modular basis to enable the students to take courses of study in the sequence and at a time convenient to the student.
  • It focuses on the mastery of minimum essential technical knowledge and skills besides the skills of learning to learn problem solving, effective communication and management.
  • It makes use of combination of instructional techniques such as group instruction, laboratory work, assignments, projects, expert lecture sessions, field visits to industry, seminars etc.
  • Assessment of student’s performance shall be based on both continuous evaluation and end semester evaluation with the use of a variety of assessment techniques matching the learning objectives of the different course of study.
  • Completion of course work will be followed by project work / thesis.