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Govt. of India, Ministry of Human Resource Development, in 1971 established a Curriculum Development Centre at NITTTR, Chandigarh with a view to keep the curricula offered by the polytechnic in tune with the requirements of World of Work. Since then, Curriculum Development Centre has evolved a scientific methodology of designing/revising the curriculum and has been rendering services to the Directorates/Boards of Technical Education/Universities in the states of Northern Region. National Policy of Education-1986 and Programme of Action (POA) has given considerable importance to make technician programmes relevant to the requirements of the world of work. As a follow up of this, World Bank Assisted Project on strengthening Technician Education in India has laid emphases on capacity expansion by starting new diploma programmes in emerging areas of technology and revising the curricula of existing programmes. Introduction of flexibility in programme offering by way of introducing Multipoint Entry and Credit System (MPECS) is another initiative of World Bank Assisted Project in the area of Curriculum Development. Another aspect of the World Bank Assisted Project has been to develop professional competencies at the state level by way of conducting orientation and development programmes for the official of the Directorate / Board of Technical Education/Universities in the field of Curriculum Development.



  • To be a world class centre for developing globally competitive, innovative and transformative curricula for technical professionals.


  • Developing State of the Art curricula in cognizance with global requirements.
  • Offering continuing education programmes in the area of curriculum development.
  • Undertaking action research for improving curriculum effectiveness in emerging areas.
  • Rendering consultancy to various organizations for establishing new institutions and selection of programmes.
  • Developing curricula related supportive material for effective implementation of technical programmes.
  • Undertaking basic research for developing new models of curriculum design, implementation and evaluation
  • Identifying changes in technical manpower job profile for selecting new programme offerings and modifying the existing programmes
  • Generating database in the field of curriculum development
  • Designing and reviewing of curricula for technical programmes at different levels in emerging areas of technology/vocations and making these relevant to the needs of industry and other sectors of employment
  • Offering education and training programmes for polytechnic and engineering college teachers in specific areas of curriculum development, leading to effective implementation of curricula
  • Preparing on continuous basis, the norms and standards for effective implementation of curricula in technical institutions
  • Undertaking action research for improving curriculum effectiveness in terms of teaching-learning process, student’s assessment, utilization of institutional facilities and networking with employers/other organizations
  • Rendering consultancy to various organizations for establishing new institutions and selection of programmes
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