Entrepreneurship Development & Industrial Coordination (EDIC) Department

About Us

Entrepreneurship Development & Industrial Coordination (EDIC) department was established at NITTTR Chandigarh in the year 1983, with a view to introduce and promote entrepreneurship development and improve industry-institute interaction (III) in technician education system in a planned manner. Subsequently, the scope was enlarged to include engineering colleges as well of the country with focus on northern region. The department is engaged in training of entrepreneurs, potential entrepreneurs, entrepreneur-trainer-motivators (ETMs), technical teachers / managers, administrators and professionals from industries. With a view to have a holistic approach to the promotion of entrepreneurship and industry-institute interaction, the department is also conducting Research & Development studies, preparing instructional material (both print and non-print), offering assistance in curriculum design and extension services to client institutes and undertaking consultancy work in the broad areas of entrepreneurship, cooperative education, industry-institute interaction and Management.

The main objectives of the department are :

  1. To plan and conduct education and training programmes for the promotion of entrepreneurship, cooperative education, and industry-institute interaction.
  2. To act as consultants to the national and international agencies viz. Ministry of Human Resource Development, AICTE, State Directorates of Technical Education, Engineering Colleges & Polytechnics, State Directorates of Industries, and entrepreneurial support agencies in policy formulation, planning and implementing programmes of entrepreneurship development, management, cooperative education, and industry-institute interaction.
  3. To undertake R & D, instructional material development, curriculum design, and extension services in areas of entrepreneurship, management, and industry-institute interaction.


  • Excellence in the promotion of entrepreneurship, business management, quality assurance, and industry-institute interaction.


  • To train technical teachers, administrators and industry entrepreneurs, professionals transform them into global leaders.
Departmental Brouchure
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