The Library's mission is to make its resources available and useful to NITTTR Library members and to sustain and preserve the collection of knowledge and creativity for future generations.

NITTTR library houses more than 50,000 resources which include books, bound volumes of journals, theses, CDs, DVDs etc. The library collection covers subjects like Civil, mechanical, electrical, electronics, computer science, applied science, education, management, mathematics and allied areas.

User-friendly library software called LIBERTY has been adopted at the Library. This internationally popular software facilitates automated circulation (issue & return) of the books and speedy access to bibliographies, locations and availability information of the books stocked in the library. Bar-coding on books and the automated check-in and check-out facility of books reduce the waiting time.


  • To collect , organise and collate print and digital informations and dissiminate at the point of care and for future use.
  • to provide seamless access to information.
  • To act as gateway to digital and electronic information.
  • To develop into a single access point library.
  • To create and update a comprehensive database to Indian Literature in the field of technical and vocational education.
  • To develop and conduct tutorials for the user to enable them to effectively utilize to facilities and resources made available by the library.


The completely automatic library has specialized collection in the field of engineering and technology, education with special emphasis on technical education along with training and research and education.

More than 40 national & international periodicals and magazines are subscribed to keep the users updated with the trends in the field. The breakup of the collection is :

Books 50049
e-Books 578
Bound Journals 3206
Thesis 749
Indian Standards 10,095
CD-ROMs/DVDs 355
Journals/ Magazines Subscribed:
Print journals 22
E-resources 11
Magazines 12
Newspapers 03

Library items- Books / bound volume /periodicals

  • Theses, dissertations, CDs, video cassettes, reference books etc. are not lent out of the library.
  • Although the library circulation staff will observe any damage to the library item before lending it, all readers are requested to check the library item thoroughly for missing pages, chapters, pictures etc., or any damage before borrowing. Please note damaged items will not be lent out.
  • Library borrowed items (Books / bound volume /periodicals) if returned in damaged condition will NOT be accepted from the reader. Mutilated or spoiled books will have to be replaced by the borrower / the borrower would have to pay the replacement cost of the book for its latest edition.
  • Reference books are issued overnight two hours before the closing of Library,
  • Members are requested to return the library items on the due date to avoid inconvenience to others.

Inter Library loan

  • Library materials that the institute library does not possess in its collection, can most often be obtained form other libraries. This is called Inter Library loan (ILL). This facility can be availed by our borrower members only.

Delayed returns

Overdue notices and suspension of borrowing privileges

If a loaned item is not returned by the end of the lending period, the Library sends the patron 3 reminders, after which the copies of the fourth reminder will be marked to the concerned HOD and the Director NITTTR. Failure to return even after this wait, the patron will be blocked from further borrowing/interlibrary loans and from renewing loans until the item in question is returned to the Library. The patron in question is also blocked from making claims as well.

Loss of library borrowed items

  • Loss of Books / bound volume /periodicals must be reported immediately.


  • Borrowing members can keep claims for borrowed items. Reader can claim for books (reserve) already issued, at the circulation counter or using the WEBOPAC.
  • The members with borrowing facility of 20 can keep a claim for maximum of 2 books at a time and the others can claim for 1 book at a time.
  • Claimed books are kept reserved for the claimant for 4 days from the date of return by previous borrower.
  • Books have to be made physically available for re-issue
  • Books are reissued only if there are no claims.
  • The borrowing facility can be withdrawn or restricted in case of misbehavior or misuse of the library.

For the rules for replacement of lost book kindly contact the Issue Counter