NITTTR, Chandigarh Technology Enabled Learning (NCTEL), an idea conceived by Prof. (Dr.) M. P. Poonia, the Director of the institute is a step forward to integrate technology to the Teaching Learning (T-L) system marching with the MHRD, Govt. of India mission on Teachers & Teaching. It was implemented under the guidance of Dr. S.S. Pattnaik and Dr. C. Ramakrishna. The e-resources of the institute are now made available to one and all, not only at the national level but also in the global domain to create a dent in the ICT implementation on teaching-learning. NCTEL saw the day- light to physically realize this dream. This technology enabled learning system aims to enhance the reach and the quality of technical education in the country while preaching to the faculty members to adopt technology in T-L to cope up with the challenges posed in the global scenario. At its infant state, the NCTEL is a baby with 300 videos, encompassing the horizon of core engineering departments of the institute and the induction training programmes. But the contributions of other departments and centers of this institute in terms of the video films are also being uploaded.

Panning over the time-line, in the year 1985, the institute realized the need of mass media and developed a studio and became the national support system to run the Tech Vision Channel of Gyanvani. The institute also proved its potential in the MHRD-ISRO joint mission of Edusat by running the satellite based programmes in a national beam (AICTE Beam). The penetration of IP based technology to the Teaching-Learning system was felt with time. The growing need for quality teachers to meet faculty requirement in exponentially growing number of technical institutions poses a challenge to the system. Therefore, under the leadership of Prof. M. P. Poonia, the Director of the institute the institute started ICT based training progrmme from September, 2012. The institute penetrates the unreached region by integrating Social Network, Video Conferencing & Face-to-Face mode of communication. The social blogs help to provide the digital resources to the intended clients. NCTEL is another step in this growth to integrate ICT in T-L system.

Total No. of Video Lectures available as on 2024/07/20 : 1813
Eminent Personalities
Dr. S.S. Pattnaik
Dr. S.S. Dhami
Dr. P.K. Singla

Dr. P.K. Tulsi

Prof. NK Bishnoi

Dr. Krishna Mohan

Dr. DS Khatri

Dr. H K Sardana

Dr. M.P. Poonia, Former Director

Dr. K.K. Talwar,
Prof. N. Sathyamurthy