Media Engineering Department

The activities of the Media engineering Department are:
  1. Production of Technical Education Programmes:
    1. Civil Engineering
    2. Electrical Engineering
    3. Mechanical Engineering
    4. Electronic and Communication Engineering
    5. Microprocessors (package of 26 lessons)
    6. Applied Science
    7. Education and Educational Technology
    8. Entrepreneurship Development and Industrial Coordination
    9. Rural Development
    10. Educational Television
    11. Media Centre
    12. General Category (including short duration films on social cause, moral values, educational awareness)

  2. Post Graduate certificate course in Video Film Production Techniques.
  3. In 1998, the department designed a Post Graduate certificate course in Video Film Production Techniques and launched the same in September, 1998. Till date, 3 such courses have been conducted by the department and the last one came to an end on 16.3.2001. The next Post graduate certificate Course in Video Film Production Techniques is being launched by the department from July-December 2001. For Indian Nationals course fee is Rs. 35,000/- and the total number of seats are limited to 16.

  4. Production of Technical Video Programme for other organisations.
  5. This department also develops technical video programmes for other organisation on consultancy basis for broadcasting purposes. Details of consultancy charges can be asked from principal of this institute. Educational video programmes produced by this institute and by other organisations are duplicated to vHS format and sold for use in engineering colleges, polytechnics and other institutes of higher learning. These programmes are very useful to supplement the class-room instruction in technical institutes.

  6. Hiring of Studio/Equipment/manpower
  7. This department has also been helping various production houses/TV channels in production of their television programmes by allowing them to use the studio facilities/equipment and manpower for production of their video programmes on hire-charge-basis

  8. Broadcasting of technical education Programmes for Gyan Darshan Channel
  9. Since 26.01.2001, Media engineering department of this institute has been selected by ministry of Human Resource Development as nodal centre for broadcasting of technical programmes produced by the four Technical Teachers' Training Institutes in India from Gyan Darshan channel, Educational technical Programmes produced by this institute are being broadcasted from Gyan Darshan Channel of 2 slots of half an hour each daily at 2.30 pm and 9.30 pm for use by the teachers and students of various technical institutes in the country.

    Department has the expertise to undertake the following projects :
    • To produce learning resources, both print and non-print to support implementation of curricula for degree and diploma programmes. To guide states and institutions in establishing learning resources, development and utilization centers. To facilitate internalizing media development activity in polytechnics and engineering colleges. To conduct education and training programmes in Media Design and Development for teachers of technical institutions and officials managing Media Centres institutions/industries. To conduct research and development in the areas of media design and development, its impact on teaching-learning process.
    • To establish linkage with organizations/institutions doing similar work in India and abroad for:
      • Modernization and Updation of services
      • Development of Talent Bank
    • To undertake consultancy projects for the clientele in:
      • Setting up Media Centre Learning utilisation / Learning development centre on turnkey basis Design and development of prototype Fabrication of new products Setting up production centre/activity centre
      • To develop information bank and disseminate information about availability of learning resources for different courses run in the polytechnics and engineering colleges