Media Engineering Department

  1. TV Studio
  2. The spacious main TV studio 54ft x 40ft x 32ft (16m x 12m x 9m) has arrangement of 132 lights operated through remote control hosting system. the studio is centrally air-conditioned and is 100% acoustically treated. It is a boradcast standard TV studio with sound locking entries and has separate PCR, ACR, LCR, VTR, CPR equipped with 3 CCD type multi-camera system for Betacam formats.

  3. Outdoor Recording Unit - ENG
  4. There are two separate units in which each unit comprises of 3 CCD professional Camcorders, Lighting portapack, Colour Monitors and other related accessories.

  5. Editing System
  6. Two professional Betacam editing setups are available. One Betacam edit setup has A/B Roll facility with Audiomixer, Vision mixer, Videotizer remote control facility with E-file. Second Betacam edit set up has separate digital effect generator, Gemini-III Audio Mixer, Videotizer.

  7. Video Cassette Library
  8. The air-conditioned video library has a collection of 400 betacam, 660 U-Matic and 500 VHS cassettes for programme exchange and video film production.

  9. Video Duplication set-up
  10. There are full fledged facilities for transferring master programmes from U-matic and Betacam format to VHS format through multi-output terminals.

  11. Maintenance of Video Equipment
  12. The maintenance of laboratory is equipped with facilities to take care of the routine maintenance and repair of Audio Video equipment.

    The following facilities are extended by experienced faculty and in various disciplines at the institute and infrastructure available in laboratories and workshops.
    • Prototype design and development
    • Model Fabrication/Production
    • Photography, transparency/slide making
    • Binding and Lamination
    • Information Resource Dissemination
    • Desk Top Publishing
    • Reprographic system
    • Production of Advertising material
    Clients Served
    • Polytechnics of Northern Region
    • Industrial Training Institutes
    • Vocational Institutes
    • State Institute of Education
    • Haryana Agriculture Department
    • Commonwealth Youth Centre
    Other Potential clients:
    • Engineering Colleges/Management Institutes
    • Communication and Media Department of Universities
    • National Institutes of Health, Science and Technology Science Parks
    • Model Fabrication units of College of Arts and other institutions
    • Design Centres of industry
    • Training Centres of Industry
    • Rural Development, Science and Technology Development Agencies
    • Energy Development Departments in States
    • Special Education Institutes/Organizations.