Rural Development Department

Major achievements of the Department are as under:

Conducted more than 300 staff development programmes in the field of Rural Planning and Development, Appropriate Technology, Rural Sanitation and Water Management, Ecology & Environment, Science & Technology for Rural Development, Rural Alternate Energy Sources, Employment Generation, Rural Entrepreneurship and Industrialisation, Bee-keeping and Mushroom Cultivation, Information Management and Networking etc.

Prepared competency based curricula for more than 80 non-formal skill development trades. During 2003-04 the department facilitated preparation of competency based curricula for about 200 non-formal trades in disciplines like Civil Engg, Mech. Engg, Automobile Engg, Electrical/Electronics Engg, Information Technology, Computer Software, Computer Hardware & IT Hardware Maintenance, Office Automation, Printing Technology, Video Film and Photography, Business and Commerce, Handicraft, Handloom and Leather work, Renewable Energy Devices, Health and Para-Medical, Fashion Design and Garment Making, Home Science and Related Vocations, Beauty Culture, Catering and Hospitality, Agriculture and Allied Sector, Journalism, Food Processing, Other General Services.

Produced a number of educational video films, significant amongst these are –
  • Smokeless Chulha (Hindi/English)
  • Energy for All (Hindi & English)
  • Energy for All (Punjabi)
  • Rural Housing (Part-I)
  • Carpentry Tools
  • Job Opportunities for Women
  • Humming Honey Maker,
  • Solar Water Heating System
  • Improved Agricultural Implements
  • Village and Small Industries (English)
  • Village and Small Industries (Hindi)
  • Rural Sanitation
  • Biogas Technology
  • Agricultural Implements
  • An Introduction to PRA Techniques
  • PRA / RRA Exercise Part-2
  • PRA / RRA Exercise Part-3
  • Solar Lantern
  • Jevik Kheti Ki Ore (Hindi)
  • Organic Farming (Jevik Kheti) - Boon for Farmers (Hindi)
  • Soldiers of Soil (Hindi/English)
  • Vasundhara Ke Doot (Hindi)
  • Scheme of Community Polytechnics
  • Towards Sustainable Agriculture
  • Organic Farming : From East to West (Punjabi)
  • Organic Farming : From East to West (English)
  • Organic Farming : An Enterprise (Hindi)
  • Organic Farming : Boon for Farmers (Punjabi)
  • Organic Farming : Vocation for Women (Hindi)
  • Organic Farming : Commonwealth for Youth (English)
  • Organic Farming : A Holistic Approach (Hindi)
  • Tractor Shaping Path for Agriculture
  • Krishi Awasheshon Ka Prabandhan (Hindi)
  • Integrated Agri-Waste Management for Sustainable Agriculture (English)
  • Sada Bahar Kheti Leyi Rahend Khund Di Barton (Punjabi)
  • Cook with the Sun [Solar Dish Type Cooker]

Video film on "Humming Honey Maker" was awarded ‘Gold Prize’ and "Energy for All" bagged ‘Special Judges’ Prize’ in the video contest by Sony ICD Video, Japan. Also, some of our video films have been telecast on the National Programme of the Doordarshan.

Developed 3 CAI Packages in the field of Smokeless Chulha, Bio-gas plant and Solar Water Heating System.

Demonstrated and disseminated information regarding appropriate technologies in various areas such as –
  • Non-Conventional Sources of Energy
  • Rural Sanitation and Water Management
  • Rural Housing
  • Employment Generating Technologies
  • Drudgery Reducing Technologies
  • Hazards and Accidents Protection Technologies
  • Nutrition and Health Improvement Technologies
  • Agricultural Technologies
  • Farm & Post-Harvesting Equipment
The Department of Rural Development has developed various curricula in the different field as listed below:
  • Electrical Related Trades
  • Assembly and Repair of Voltage Stabilizer.
  • Battery Repair and Maintenance
  • Choke Making
  • Electrician
  • House Wiring
  • Motor Rewinding (Single Phase)
  • Motor Rewinding (Three Phase)
  • Repair of Electrical Gadgets
  • Repair of Table/Ceiling Fan.
  • Rewinding of Armature
  • Transformer Coil Rewinding
  • Textile Related Trades
  • Batik Printing
  • Doll Making
  • Embroidery and Needle Work
  • Fabric Painting
  • Fabric Printing
  • Fabrication of Leather Goods
  • Flower Making (Artificial)
  • Garment Making
  • Handloom Weaving
  • Jute Bags and Soft Toys Making
  • Knitting
  • Screen Printing
  • Textile Printing and Fabric Painting
  • Print Material
Print material developed by the Department includes:


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  8. Rural Technology Manuals on Selected Technologies
  9. Volume-1: Sanitation
  10. Volume-2: Energy
  11. Volume-4: Civil
  12. Volume-5: Mechanical