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Media engineering is a rapidly growing and an evolving area. It is an amalgamation of media technology and media principles. The value addition due to multimedia, and more specifically the e-media has forced the eco-system to think of innovation in media tools, implementation of tools, assessment tools, media quality, transparency and more so in integrating the general masses thereby, giving birth to a department in the institute named as ‘Media Engineering’

Digitisation, virtualization and cyber physical integration has created a new dimension in media and its related areas. Accordingly, gaming, e-content development, media entertainment, innovative instructional material, LMS, CMS, media communication, media tools, application for tools and educational product development are the prime focused areas of the department. Multimedia presentation and authoring, multimedia data compression and multimedia communication and retrieval, form the three foundational pillars of the department.

Social journalism and media research, development of quality MOOCs, production of documentary films, digital design and publishing are now given more cared attention in today’s scenario. The department is engineered to create manpower needed for evolving media world. The department conducts various short-term courses on media and media related themes including application tools. The department is poised to conduct long- term programmes leading to master’s degree in many upcoming areas pertaining to media engineering.



  • Become a centre of excellence in knowledge, innovative development, skill and ethical applications of multimedia technology.


  • To impart quality education in multimedia technology. To develop innovative tools/technology in multimedia. To infuse scientific temper and ethics in the trainees and students and guide them to research in the emerging areas of multimedia technology. To develop committed and competent faculty and striving for excellence and research. To apply innovative tools/technology to infuse latest skills and confidence in learners.
  • To develop cooperative, collaborative and collective linkage with lead organizations for development of technical education and society.
Objectives of the Department
  • To develop e-content for digitization of technical education. To provide knowhow on cost effective ICT support for implementation of digitization of education. To offer innovative education and skill-training programmes on multimedia technology.
  • To prepare competent faculty and technical to take up networked based research for effective TEL.

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Department Brouchure
Department Brouchure