Rural Development Department

About Us

The Department of Rural Development was established in the year 1978-79 with main purpose to implement the centrally sponsored Scheme of Community Polytechnics. The department has primarily worked for effective implementation of the Scheme of Community Polytechnics and over the years it has emerged as a Resource Centre in the field of community development. The department played a pivotal role in launching the revamped Scheme of Community Development Through Polytechnics (CDTP) and facilitating its effective implementation in Northern Region since 2009.The major activities of the department are as follows:

  • Staff Development Programmes
  • Curriculum Development
  • Development of Print and Non-print instructional material
  • Extension Services and Guidance to Polytechnics
  • Research and Development
  • Liaisoning with MSDE, MoE, GoI, NITTTRs and State Directorates of Technical Education

In addition to these activities, the Department of Rural Development has successfully completed various projects at national level for UNICEF, MHRD, MRD, NOS, EdCIL, Department of Science & Technology, CAPART, S&T Council, Rajiv Gandhi National Drinking Water Mission, AICTE, etc.

Rural Development Department of the institute is also engaged in upgrading the technological products and dissemination of appropriate technologies in rural areas through the Polytechnics implementing the Scheme of Community Development through Polytechnics.



To be a Centre of Excellence for promoting education, training, research and providing extension services in the area of rural development through effective implementation of Community Development Through Polytechnics Scheme and other Programmes of Govt. of India.


  • To organize education and training programmes in the area of rural development for the faculty and staff of technical education system and rural development organizations for upgradation of their knowledge and skills.
  • To organize education and training programmes in the area of rural development, and sustainable development for the students of Masters in Rural Development/Management, Rural Technology.
  • To develop instructional materials in the area of rural development to increase the effectiveness of teaching-learning process.
  • To provide extension and consultancy services to MSDE, MoE, DTEs, technical and higher education system organizations working for rural development and Unnat Bharat Abhiyan Project.
  • To undertake research and development in the field of rural development.
  • To extend services to MSDE, MoE and AICTE in formulating policies pertaining to rural and skill development