Student Welfare Activities

NITTTR Chandigarh is involved in various student welfare activities to ensure the well-being, development, and support of its students. The various types of student welfare activities that NITTTR Chandigarh is engaged in are given below:

  • Health and Wellness Programs: NITTTR Chandigarh organizes health and wellness programs, workshops, and awareness campaigns to promote physical and mental well-being among students.
  • Academic Support: The institute provides academic support services such as workshops to help students excel in their studies.
  • Student Clubs and Organizations: NITTTR Chandigarh has five different student clubs that cater to students' interests and hobbies.
  • Student Engagement Activities: The institute organizes events, seminars, workshops, and cultural activities to engage students and provide a platform for them to showcase their talents.
  • Sports and Recreation: NITTTR Chandigarh promotes sports and recreational activities to encourage physical fitness, teamwork, and stress relief among students.
  • Grievance Cell: The institute has a grievance cell to address and resolve any grievances or concerns raised by students.
  • Anti-Ragging Initiatives: NITTTR Chandigarh has strict anti-ragging policies and committee to ensure a safe and respectful campus environment.
  • Community Service and Social Responsibility: NITTTR Chandigarh also encourages students to participate in community services and social responsibility initiatives, fostering a sense of civic duty and empathy.
  • Library and Learning Resources: NITTTR Chandigarh has a Central library as on line resources to provide students with access to a well-equipped library, digital resources, and learning materials to support their academic endeavors.

The institute has established a Student Welfare Committee which consists of the following members:

  1. Chair: Prof. Maitreyee Dutta
  2. Co-Chair: Er. Ajay Duggal

Team members:

  1. Dr. Ritula Thakur
  2. Dr. Amit Goyal
  3. Dr. Garima Saini
  4. Mrs. Shano Solanki
  5. Member Convenor: SO (Academic Cell)

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