Extension Services:

Extension Services

NITTTR Chandigarh is involved in various extension activities to provide support, expertise, and guidance to educational institutions, industries, and other stakeholders.

Faculty Development Workshops: NITTTR Chandigarh offers faculty development programs, workshops, and training sessions to enhance the teaching skills and professional development of educators from other technical institutions.

Skill Development Initiatives: The institute organizes skill development programs, short courses, and training sessions to upgrade the skills of professionals in various technical fields aligning with industry needs.

Outreach Programs: NITTTR Chandigarh organizes outreach programs, seminars, and awareness campaigns to promote technical education and highlight the importance of skill development.

Teacher Training: The institute offers specialized teacher training programs for educators in technical and vocational institutions to enhance their instructional techniques and pedagogical approaches.

Curriculum Development Support: NITTTR Chandigarh provides assistance to other institutions in developing and updating their curricula to ensure they meet industry standards and best practices.