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In 1971, the institute was entrusted with the responsibility of promoting curriculum development work for the states of northern region. As a result of this, curricula of Diploma courses run in polytechnics were systematically revised. The new curricula created the need for relevant instructional material both (print & non-print). Keeping this need in view, institute took initiative in preparing print and non-print instructional material relating to curricula of diploma courses.

For taking up the major activity of developing print and non-print instructional materials through institute faculty and promoting this among polytechnic teachers, a Media Centre was established in 1981 at the institute. Media Centre has played a significant role in organizing development of instructional material and making it available to polytechnics. The centre has been undertaking education & training, research & development and consultancy projects in the areas of Media and Media Development, Learning Resource Development & Utilization Centres etc.


Continuing Education Centre was established in the year 1988. It was one of the first ten resource centers established by Government of India for promoting Continuing Education Centre in the country. Since its inception, it has acted as a Resource Centre and facilitator for promoting and monitoring continuing education activities especially in the northern region. It guided and assisted the states/polytechnics in preparation of continuing education policy documents, project proposals, education and training of key personnels, design of curriculum of continuing education programmes, development of instructional material, research & development and extension services/pilot programmes etc.

In addition to helping states/polytechnics in promoting continuing education, the center has been providing guidance and assistance to industry, Government departments, service & social sector in developing right type of human resources by conducting need assessment survey, designing and coordinating a large number of continuing education programmes. These programmes have been in the areas of engineering and technology, management, entrepreneurship, education, behavioural sciences etc. and for varied types and levels of target groups.

Thus, continuing education center, since its inception has been acting as a catalyst for promoting continuing education by providing guidance and support in policy formulation, planning and management at national, state and institution levels.

Continuing Education Centre has the expertise to undertake the following projects:

  • To Identify and prioritize the education and training needs of manpower working in industry, service and social sector
  • To Design, organize and conduct need based education and training programmes for the manpower from industry, service sector and social sector
  • To develop faculty from technical institutions for managing continuing education programmes
  • To guide states and institutions in establishing continuing education centres/cells
  • To guide states and institutions in developing policy and norms for internal resource generation
  • To conduct national seminar, conference and symposium in the areas of continuing education, distance education, industrial HRD etc.
  • To Coordinate the development of continuing education modules, and other instructional material (both print & non-print)
  • To Conduct research and development projects in the areas of continuing education, need assessment, quality management etc.
  • To establish linkages with organizations/institutions promoting continuing education in India and abroad for:
    1. Modernization and Updation of services
    2. Development of Talent Bank

Media Centre has the expertise to undertake the following projects :

  • To produce learning resources, both print and non-print to support implementation of curricula for degree and diploma programmes
  • To guide states and institutions in establishing learning resources, development and utilization centers
  • To facilitate internalizing media development activity in polytechnics and engineering colleges   
  • To conduct education and training programmes in Media Design and Development for teachers of technical institutions and officials managing Media Centres institutions/industries.        
  • To conduct research and development in the areas of media design and development, its impact on teaching-learning process.
  • To establish linkage with organizations/institutions doing similar work in India and abroad for:
    1. Modernization and Updation of services
    2. Development of Talent Bank
  • To undertake consultancy projects for the clientele in:
    1. Setting up Media Centre Learning utilisation / Learning development centre on turnkey basis
    2. Design and development of prototype
    3. Fabrication of new products
    4. Setting up production centre/activity centre
    5. To develop information bank and disseminate information about availability of learning resources for different courses run in the polytechnics and engineering colleges.
  • Prototype design and development
  • Model Fabrication/Production
  • Photography, transparency/slide making
  • Binding and Lamination
  • Information Resource Dissemination
  • Desk Top Publishing
  • Reprographic system
  • Production of Advertising material

The above facilities are extended by experienced faculty and staff in various disciplines at the institute and infrastructure available in laboratories and workshops.

  Clients Served

  • Polytechnics of Northern Region
  • Industrial Training Institutes
  • Vocational Institutes
  • State Institute of Education
  • Haryana Agriculture Department
  • Commonwealth Youth Centre

  Other Potential clients:                 

  • Engineering Colleges/Management Institutes
  • Communication and Media Department of Universities
  • National Institutes of Health, Science and Technology    Science Parks
  • Model Fabrication units of College of Arts and other institutions
  • Design Centres of industry
  • Training Centres of Industry
  • Rural Development, Science and Technology Development Agencies
  • Energy Development Departments in States
  • Special Education Institutes/Organizations.