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The department was established in 1967 since inception of this institute and has the faculty strength of one Professor and two Assistant Professors. The department conducts short-term courses in emerging areas of Applied Science- Applied Physics, Applied Chemistry, Applied Mathematics, etc.. It has well equipped laboratories: Applied Physics, Laser & Fiber Optics, Optical Fiber Communication and Nanoscience & Nanotechnology. These laboratories have latest equipments like He-Ne and Semiconductor lasers, Bread boards, Fiber optics communication trainers, OFC system design and simulation softwares, Radiation detectors & counting systems, Ultrasonic detectors, Atomic Force Microscope, Spectrofluorophotometer in addition to conventional experiments in physics for graduate and post-graduate courses. The department has published text-books in Physics and Mathematics, undertook research studies and developed many teaching/learning modules in these area. Some video films have also been prepared on selected topics by the faculty of this department.


Promoting professional education and training of teachers in the area of Applied Science.


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Department Brouchure
Department Brouchure

The department conducts Short Term Courses in science and interdisciplinary areas mentioned above. The major emphasis of these courses is to develop scientific temper, orientation and training of applied science teachers toward better understanding of technical and engineering education system as well as technical skills. The major programmes undertaken by the department are:

  • Laboratory Organization and Updating in Applied Physics.
  • Laser Science & Technology.
  • Lasers and Their Applications.
  • Optical Fibers and Their Applications.
  • Optical Fiber Communication.
  • Fiber Optics Technology.
  • OFC Systems- Design & Simulations
  • Fiber Optic Tests & Measurements
  • OFC Networks & Trouble Shooting.
  • Computer Applications in Physics.
  • Nuclear Energy and Power.
  • Nuclear Techniques & Instrumentation.
  • Nuclear Radiations & Their Applications.
  • Nanoscience and Nanotechnology.
  • Nanomaterials & Their Applications.
  • Numerical Methods with Matlab.
  • Advanced Numerical Methods with Matlab.
  • Integral Transforms with Engineering Applications.
  • Operations Research.
  • Engineering Applications of Mathematics

In addition, the department is active in development of instructional material both print and non-print, teaching aids, demonstration models, lab manuals and undertake research studies to identify the corrective actions to be taken for improving the effectiveness of applied science subjects in technical education system.

The department have advanced facilities to conduct various courses in the emerging areas of applied sciences. Some of these are:

  • Well established applied physics laboratory for graduate and post-graduate curriculum based experiments.
  • He-Ne and semiconductor lasers, power meters, optical benches and advanced laser experimental set ups for study of laser beam characteristics as well as electric and magnetic fields of lace beatings.
  • Optical fiber characterization trainers, optical sources, optical detectors, fiber splicing and connector installation tool kits, OTDR, Fusion Splice, and fiber reels etc.
  • Optical waveguiding fundamental educators, step index and graded index waveguide mode field and effective index measurement set ups.
  • Digital fiber optic communication & BER Analysis systems.
  • Optical Networks Analysis System (ONAS).
  • WDM/DWDM Systems & Component Characterization.
  • Optical Amplifier; EDFA & ASE filter.
  • Photonics Design Software: Optsim & ModeSys, Optisystem & Optigrating
  • Radiation counting and Analysis Systems; GM & Scientillation based.
  • Material Explorer and Virtual Nanolab with ATK.
  • AFM for Nanomaterial Characterization- Vibrating and Non-vibrating modes.
  • Spectroflouro photometer for optical properties of nanomaterial.

The Optical Fiber Communication Laboratory is fully equipped for experimentation in this area of OFC and optoelectronics to conduct M.E. Project-works in Electronics and Communication Engineering.

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  • During the year 2013-14, the department conducted 14 short term courses for polytechnics and engineering colleges in which 177 teachers were trained.
  • 38 B.Tech. students from Shri Guru Granth Sahib World University, Fatehgarh Sahib (Pb.) completed training for Six weeks in the area of Nanotechnology & OFC Systems. \
  • 05 B.E. students from Bhai Gurdas Institute of Engg. & Technology, Sangrur (Pb.) completed training and projects for Six months in the area of OFC System: Design and Simulations.
  • 27 teachers trained from TEQIP institutions in various short term courses conducted by department under TEQIP-II projects.