Applied Science Department
  1. Laboratory-I
  2. Laboratory-II
  3. Laboratory-III
  4. Laboratory-IV
  5. Laboratory-V
Applied Physics Laboratory :

Applied Physics: More than 30 Experiments in Applied Physics covering curriculum of Polytechnics and Engineering Colleges:

Energy Conservation, Flywheel Law of Forces, Heating Effects, Linear Expension Coefficients, Stefan’s Constant, Electrical Vibrator, Capacitance & Dielectric breakdown, B-H curve & Hysterisis loops, Photo Cells and Solar Cells, Ultrasonic Interferometers, Composite Piezoelectric Oscillator, Hall Effect, Planck’s Constant, Four Probe Resistivity Measurements, Diode & Transistor Characteristics, Microscopes & Telescope, Fresnel Biprism, Spectrometers Black-body Radiations, Viscosity Measurements and many more.

Radiation Physics: Equipped with experiments on Properties, Detection & Measurements of Nuclear Radiations and Analysis:

Laser and Fiber Optics Laboratory:

Lasers Lab: Well equipped with various types of lasers for studies of laser characteristics, Optical phenomenon, E-O & M-O effects etc.

  • He-Ne and Diode lasers, Laser power meters, Translation stages, XYZ motions, Bread boards, Posts and other optical devices.
  • Laser beam parameters, Electro- & Magneto-optics effects, Interference laws, Polarization & Malus law, Brewster angles, Diffraction based sensing, etc.

Fiber Optics: Study of Optical laws, Fiber characteristics, Fiber Optic Tests & Measurements, Point-to-point Links, WDM/DWDM Links, Q-factor &BER analysis and Performance Evaluation:

  • Snell's Law and Critical angle, Fresnel relations, Optical Waveguiding parameters, Mode analysis of Optical Fibers, Power launching etc.
  • Optical Sources and Power meters, Continuity Testers, OTDR, Splicing Machine, Connector installation kit & accessories, Network Analysis etc.
  • Fiber Optic Links, WDM/DWDM systems & Components, EDFA & ASE filter, BER & Q-factor analysis, PDA tools, etc.
Photonics and Simulation Laboratory:

Photonic Transmission Design Suites

Photonics Transmission Design Suites (PTDS)- Computer-based simulation and modeling tools that integrate components, links and network functions, make the design process more efficient, cheaper and faster.

  • OptSim- Single mode fiber based systems- 4 user lic.
  • ModeSys- Multimode fiber based systems-Single user
  • OptiSystem – Amplifier design Tool-Single user
  • Optigrating- Design of integrated and Fiber Optic devices assisted by optical grating fibers.
Nanomaterial Characterization Laboratory:

Nanoscience & Nanotechnology Lab. is under development for Modeling and Simulation of nano-scale devices and Nanomaterials Characterization and Properties (Electronic & Optical properties)

  • Networking of 10 PC systems with Internet connectivity.
  • Nanofluid Interferometer.
  • Spectroflourophotometer (P-L spectrometer).

Applied Computational and Simulation Laboratory:
  • Virtual Nano Lab (VNL & ATK): 10 use network license
  • Mathematica 11.xx : 05 user license
  • Lingo 18.0: 05 user license
  • MATLAB: institute license