Curriculum Development Department

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Organizations are totally reliant on communication. Without proper communication, an organization would not function effectively and the entire organization suffers. When communication is thorough, accurate and timely, the organization tends to be vibrant and effective. Keeping the important of communication in view, a subject on “Communication Skills” has been introduced as an integral part of all curricula at diploma and degree level programmes. A component of “Practical” has also been included in the subject, which aims at developing Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing Skills in the students, besides imparting other employable and soft skills in them, for their better job placements. There is need for training of teachers in conducting theory and practical classes on developing communication and other soft skills. Keeping this in view, the institute has developed a Communication Skills Lab for providing training to the teachers on various aspects of verbal and non-verbal communication. 

The Communication Skills Lab has following facilities:

  • State of the art infrastructure for developing Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing Skills in the teachers and students.
  • Software: Language Lab software, Study Skills Success and Sky Pronunciation are available.
  • Facilities such as power-point projector, white boards, video camera and telephone etc. are available to conduct the practical exercises and providing feedback to the trainees.


  • Providing consultancy and guidance to Institutions for establishing Communication Skills Lab.
  • Short-term Courses for the faculty and students on Communication Skills and Soft Skills.